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This detector has been designed to meet the highest professional standards and has a proven track record within the Radon Industry.   Radon Centres Limited are  validated by the HPA

box of 10nr detectorsOur detectors are track-etch open device using Kodak LR115 film & provide extremely accurate results. It has a hinged holder mechanism enabling it to be open or closed.

There are many features unique to the Volalpha radon detector:   It is compact in size measuring only 40mm x 53 mm x 2.5mm thick; this is small and discreet meaning they can be placed out of sight.  The detectors are packed in convenient boxes of ten, easily affixed  by the self-adhesive pad on the reverse.

 The opening and closing feature enables this detector to be used for personal dosimetry, essential if staff maybe exposed radon areas.   The film sensitivity & sophisticated software used in the laboratory provide accurate results.  Our detectors are competitively priced,  only reads radon particles whilst open &  has a 12 month shelf life (storage conditions apply).

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