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detector1Our 7 Day Domestic Radon Screening Test Kit  adheres to the  HPA guidance on short term radon measurements.   Our detectors provide actual radon results for the duration of the test,   they  reading the radon gas particles in the air whilst in the open position.    All Short term radon testing (under 90 Days) provides a snapshot of widely fluctuating radon values within the home.   The minimum duration for our Radon Test Kits  is 7 Days,  with a maximum duration of 12 months.


The kit included 2 detectors,  instructions leaflet & returns paperwork.   To adhere to the protocol  one detector is to be placed in the lounge and one in the main bedroom for 7 days &  returned to us for analysis.   Results are returned via email within 4 weeks following receipt at our office,  however this cannot be guaranteed.

Short term radon screening tests can be used conveyancing or when dealing with time limitations to indicate if further long term testing is required,  they should not replace a  long term radon test.   HPA guidelines recommend  if the level of a 7 Day Radon test is over 75 Bq/m³,  a long term test should be considered.



*Please note on occasions  the use of short term  radon detectors can return inconclusive results & long term testing will be required to obtain actual results*

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