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Radon Centres Ltd offer a range of membrane available from stock.    Gas Barrier systems has been designed to provide a complete solution to the problems associated with construction on contaminated land.   It is imperative that Gas Barrier  is correctly installed in accordance with the BRE Code of Practice –  (A high spec membrane installed incorrectly may lead to the ingress of radon gas &  further costs to mitigate the issue.)


Note: All membranes must be installed in accordance with BRE211 (Radon) or BRE414 (Ground Gas)




NHBC Amber 1 CS2  NHBC Amber2 CS3  CO2 Hydrocarbons
RP Ultra 1200gge 4 x 20 mtr
RP Amber 2000  4 x 12.5 mtr
RP Super 1500gge 4 x 20 mtr
RP TGB ** ✔*
RP Hydrocarbon

** Independent Inspection Required

  • Vapours Only

Useful References:
The Building Regulations Approved Document Part C, 2004, CP 102: 1973 Code of Practice for the protection of buildings against water from the ground. BRE211 “Radon-Guidance on protective measures for new buildings”. BRE4141 “Protective measures for housing on gas-containment land. CIRIA 665 Ground gas handbook. NHBC “Guidance on methane and carbon dioxide” and technical extra 2012, Issue 7