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To comply with the building regulations BR211 guidance on protective measures for new dwellings, the following approach should be adopted.

top_hat3The requirement of a Radon barrier is to prevent any ingress of radon into the property.  It is imperative that barrier installation best practice techniques are adhered to,  this will ensure the effectiveness of the barrier.    The use of a proprietary barrier is preferred to ordinary polythene, as it is superior quality material.   The barrier must cover the whole footprint of the building including any external or internal cavities.   Extra Care must be taken to ensure that the barrier is laid on well blinded hardcore, or cleaned and swept suspended floor, and should be inspected for damage prior to covering with slab or screed.

materials_new_build2Any damage to the barrier should be repaired using additional barrier, ensuring a 150mm lap. Where strips of barrier are incorporated into the external and internal walls at commencement, they must be suitably protected for the duration of the build until the main carpet of the barrier is installed. All laps should be sealed with 50 mm double sided butyl jointing tape, materials_new_build3  The barrier should be clean & dry  before applying the butyl tape.  All penetration for services and drains should be sealed using preformed top hats, & sealed to the barrier with double sided butyl tape.

materials_new_build4Corners Pre-formed Internal & External corners are available to assist with the difficulties corners can present.  The full requirements for compliance with the building regulations can be found in the BRE document “Radon Guidence on Protective Measures For New Buildings”

We are able to supply all radon protective building materials including~  radon barriers,  sumps,  a range of top hats including Rectangular top hats for Telescopic Vents ,  Double                                                                   sided butyl tape.  Lap tape with next day delivery available.

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